8 Scientifically proven Signs You are Smarter Than the rest

8 Scientifically proven Signs You are Smarter Than the rest

Here are the 8 scientifically signs that prove you are more smart than you ever think. We all know that there are so many beliefs that surround intelligent people, having a very strong memory, far from laziness and of course far from all kind of filthiness. That was yesterday, today the scientific researchers believe that having a high IQ is much related with unusual habits and unexpected features.

What if I told you that according to these searches laziness is considered among the signs of high intelligence? Who knows, maybe feeling like you have no desire to do anything today can be a sign that you are the next Einstein. Keep reading until the end of this article and try to compare yourself with these signs.

8- Forgetting about Trifles:

Signs you are smart - Forgetting about Trifles

It is obvious that cleverness is attached to the perfect memory; however the latest research found that a high level of intellect can be reflected in forgetfulness.  Let us explain. Your brain is ready to forget about all the trifles because of two main reasons. The first one is simply to get better in adapting to new conditions, and the other reason, is to get rid of little things to save space for more good stuffs.

So, be thankful when you forgotten about these unimportant trifles. This way your brain is telling you that I cleaned the space for you and now you can bring new ideas and information.

7- Trust in people:

Signs you are smart - Trust in people

The common thing is that most of those talented people are known to not trust anyone. Again, scientists come to prove that those who trust people belong to the intelligent individuals. You may ask for what reason they said so, well simply because these people are very optimistic and see life from a different angle.

Trusting people is not only a mark of high intelligence but also a sign for less health problems and a good indicator for solid nerves.

6- Not in love with red meat:

Signs you are smart - Not in love with red meat

This may be considered as a surprising fact that was shown by a recent polls made at university of Southampton. Those polls have shown that those who prefer fish, vegetables and poultry meat over red meat are ranked higher in IQ level. But wait what if I’m in love with red meat? Does that mean I’m not intelligent? Well, you should know that there are some different conditions concerning food preferences, from which we mention faith, place where you love, health and family.

5- Coming with bright ideas:

Signs you are smart - Coming with bright ideas

If you are that much good in what is related to coming with the best ideas and solutions, then congratulations, you just ranked up in the intelligence level. We all know that smart people from times to times invent new stuffs starting with a simple bright idea. Maybe you don’t see yourself a creative person that has these type of ideas and that’s may be because you do not take action to make them work. Because ideas don’t work until you put them on action.

4- Lazy most of the time:

Signs you are smart - Lazy most of the time

Yes, we are not kidding you. To make it very clear, Being less active and just living the action in the inside of your mind is another proven sign that you belong to the people with high IQ, as shown by an experiment, on the other side we find the normal people whom are bored and in an attempt to fill up their daily schedule.

3- A cat lover:

Signs you are smart - A cat lover

Why cat and not dog or any other kind of pets? Well, simply because the majority of cat lovers are calmer, a very sensitive personality and of course intelligent more than other pet´s owners. Dog owners for example are very open to others, active and more likely to obey rules. That was shown by some studies in Waukesha exactly at Carroll University.

2- Not a big fan of sleep:

signs you are smart - Not a big fan of sleep

If you sleep little then you are likely to be part of those intelligent people out there. It is much known among all those scientists, authors and thinkers that they sleep little. They are all sharing the same thing which is stay up late avoiding all those lovely pillows.

Do you think you are a night owl and you tried to do something about it but you feel like you can’t? Don’t bother yourself again; maybe you will thank yourself later when coming with a smart idea that may change your entire life. Remember that most of the smartest ideas and inventions are either born at night, or while having a shower. Maybe you are that smart though.

1- Anxiety and over thinking

signs you are smart - Anxiety and over thinking

Finally, if you still think that you are not belonging to this part of people because you didn’t find any sign from what we mentioned above, then let us bring out this bonus that may change the way you are thinking.

Lately, some searches done by scientists and experts show that there is a strong link gathers both anxiety and genius. Let´s provide an example to make things clear. Who doesn’t have stuffs that worry and bother him or her from times to times? Guess we all do. But some are over concerned than others, which may lead them to the over thinking.

So, if you regularly find yourself over thinking about a problem that doesn’t deserve that much thinking or you experienced an anxiety related behavior congrats bro, because you may have a high capacity of creativity.

Let´s explain that scientifically. In London at King´s College researchers have put some worriers under the test and found that these people had higher level of activity exactly in the part of their brain that is in control of perception of threat, in other words they are most likely to panic more than the rest of people.

That is not all about worriers personality, we should also mention that they have very active imagination that explode due to those feelings of threat.

Well, we guess that know you are able to spot some signs that you secretly own that may show that you belong to those like Albert Einstein and Bill Gates. Let us know in the comment section what your main signs are.

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8 Scientifically proven Signs You are Smarter Than the rest

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