Crocodile drug shocking facts of flesh eating zombie

Ever since 2002, a new drug has hit the market, and it has brought in front some new challenges. Named krokodil drug, desomorphine or the crocodile drug, this is known to be one of the most damaging drugs out there.

At its core, the krokodil drug is a derivative of codeine. It shares a similarity with heroin as well as other opioids found in this category. The way it works is rather simple. Once you take desomorphine, you will feel an analgesic and sedative effect. Despite that, the crocodile drug is harmful, and it can also be very addictive. This is why it’s a very good idea to stay away from it at all times.

crocodile drug

crocodile drug pictures

The name of crocodile drug is actually the street name of desomorphine. However, these are not professional solutions or drugs, usually they are homemade solutions. As a result, they can include some other compounds and there are times when the it might not contain any signs of desomorphine. This clearly shows that this drug is not to be trusted as results are not that good from it.

How is the krokodil drug created?

Usually, the process will start with the use of codeine. The codeine is cooked in a process similar to the meth production. There will be a need to include solvents of organic nature in order to cook the crocodile drug. The organic solvents necessary here include things like lighter fluid, red phosphorus, hydrochloric acid, iodine, paint thinner and so on. Gasoline might even be needed here as well.

How is the krokodil drug created

As you can imagine, not all these chemicals get fully cooked. As a result, you never know how harmful the krokodil effects might be unless you try it. People that use it are subject to many risks just because this is not something lawful. Usually, it is unlawful, and thus you can’t trust its sellers at all.

An important thing to note here is that people who inject the crocodile drug will most likely have to deal with gangrene, infections or even some extreme skin issues. Despite the great calming effects that last for a very short while, using krokodil is not ok at all for the long run. In fact, it can actually bring in some very bad results and complications that you want to avoid at all times, as we are going to discover in the next lines.

krokodil effects?

Are you wondering what are the krokodil effects? Just take a look on the crocodile drug pictures that are in front of you. Believe it or not, this is one of the most powerful drugs on the planet. Studies have shown that this is a very fast acting drug. It acts so quickly that you will feel it almost immediately. On top of that, the crocodile drug is known to be 8-10 times more potent when compared to morphine and other similar drugs.

The krokodil effects include euphoria and a state of complete relaxation. However, these effects will last for around 2 hours. Sometimes, they might last even less than that. This is why you have to keep in mind that the it doesn’t have long lasting effects, not to mention that the side effects are not that pretty.

Once you take krokodil, you will find yourself in dealing with a very fast repetition of the drug synthesis. The reason is simple; it causes immediate addiction, and you will be very tempted to repeat the experience more and more often. I guess the crocodile drug pictures above will stop you from thinking of trying it.

The toxic chemicals will be removed, most of the time they will end up in your system, or they will be eliminated naturally. After these are removed, you end up with desomorphine in your body and this compound is 3 times more toxic than heroin/morphine. It does have effects that are 10 times greater, but the downsides are worth noting for sure.

Is the krokodil drug widely used?

As we mentioned earlier, it had appeared on the market in 2002. Since then, it has managed to reach success on the illegal markets. Based on the NYSOASAS, more than 1 million Russian persons are using the drug in Russia alone. As you can imagine, the drug has spread to other countries as well, some of the most notable ones include Norway, Germany, Georgia and Ukraine among many others.

How is the withdrawal process?

Krokodil drug withdrawal is known to be savage. Many people say that it can be a lot worse when compared to heroin. It will end up causing a lot of pain or sickness for more than a month. The withdrawal process requires the use of tranquilizers, otherwise the patient might pass out from pains. As we mentioned earlier, the addiction levels are dominant here and, because of that, its addiction can be extremely hard to cure. The crocodile drug pictures in the side is going to prove you how bad the damage can be.

Even if you get to treat yourself from krokodil addiction, you still have to deal with the permanent damage. This includes things like erratic movement, vacant gazes and even speech problems.

Krokodil drug health hazards

Depending on how much crocodile drug you take, you will end up with different health problems. As you can imagine, the more you take, the worse the situation will get. Some of the reported health hazards that connect to krokodil injections and usage include things like meningitis, pneumonia, blood vessel damage, gangrene, soft tissue/skin infections and skin grafts, as shown in the crocodile drug pictures effect above.

krokodil effects

Other health hazards include kidney or liver damage, memory loss, motor skill or speech problems, bone infections, HIV transmission and even death. Yes, the crocodile drug can be fatal, which is why you have to treat it with caution if you want to get a good set of results.

As you can see, the krokodil drug is very dangerous and it can lead to some disastrous consequences. Withdrawal is necessary and it can be a tough process for sure. However, you have to focus on withdrawal as fast as possible, otherwise the problems will just end up multiplying in the end. Since this is a very dangerous drug, no one should ever consider taking it. If you know someone that takes it, encourage them to stop and guide them towards withdrawal. As you can see, this drug can be fatal after a prolonged consumption period! And you do not want to lose someone you love. Just remind him of some of the crocodile drug pictures to see what is waiting him or her if he or she decides to use it.

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Crocodile drug shocking facts of flesh eating zombie

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