Ring avulsion injuries – save Your Finger before its to late

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If you’re like most people, you probably had never heard of ring avulsion until Jimmy Fallon, the host of a popular Tv Show told his TV viewers about the injury to the ring finger on his left hand. After a brief absence in 2015, he showed up with a cast covering his full hand, and his wedding ring finger heavily taped up.

ring avulsion

So, keep reading if you really want to discover more and more about the ring avulsion injuries, so as you can keep those lovely fingers of yours safe and far from being chopped off. They said that knowing things is always better than the ignorance. So, be prepared to know your enemy and how you can avoid it to still safe.

Ring avulsion

As Fallon tells it, it all happened rather innocently – he happened to trip and fall, and his ring finger got caught, resulting in serious damage. Luckily, he was able to fully reattach his finger – but it required a trip to the hospital and some talented surgeons using the latest in medical techniques, so as he can handle the damage.

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So ring avulsion is nothing to take lightly – especially if you wear a lot of rings and often come into contact with heavy objects or lots of physical contact. According to medical experts, ring avulsion often results in significant damage to the surrounding skin and muscle – so much so, in fact, that it often requires amputation.

Ring avulsion injuries:

The scary thing is that ring avulsion injuries can happen to just about anyone at anytime and at any place. It simply refers to the process of a finger with a ring on it getting exposed to severe trauma. In a best-case scenario, this trauma will result in just a bruise or contusion. But in a worst-case scenario, you could lose your finger. As in amputation… Would you imagine your life without a finger? Do you see how many troubles is going to cost you. So think twice before it is to late.

Ring avulsion injuries

Here’s a classic scenario, as reported in a British medical journal – a 59-year-old man was walking along, tripped and somehow got his wedding ring trapped in a steel fence. As he continued to fall, he couldn’t dislodge his finger, and ended up stripping the finger down to the bone. Yes, that means all the tissue, skin and muscle got completely stripped away.

That’s why many medical experts say that amputation could be the safest and best option after a typical ring avulsion – there’s just too much damage to the finger to make saving it a realistic option.

So what can you do to prevent ring avulsion injuries?

A lot comes down to common sense. For example, the University of Texas at Dallas Southwestern Medical School came up with some practical advice: take off your rings before participating in any contact sports, construction work or heavy labor.

So, say that your buddy just asked you to help him move to a new apartment. Before helping out with the move, you’d want to take off any rings – you wouldn’t want to suffer any ring avulsion injuries by getting your hand trapped under heavy furniture. Especially if you’re moving up and down stairs.

Make sure to not wear your ring while you playing or practicing a fighting sport. Because you can hurt yourself as well as your oponents. And this is obvious in why the rings and jewelries are not allowed into such sport´s compitiotions. For the safety of both sides. So, make sure your hands are empty of such things while practicing such sport. Safety comes first.

prevent ring avulsion injuries

And, if you’re thinking of playing a friendly game of football in the backyard, it’s best to take off your rings also. That will prevent the types of contusions or trauma that might lead to serious ring avulsion injuries.

Just remember – it’s not rings that are the problem, it’s certain actions and behaviors. If you’ve been sufficiently scared by Jimmy Fallon’s dramatic ring avulsion, the best solution might just be to stop wearing rings permanently. That would drop your chance of a ring avulsion injury down to zero. Do not let this piece of information stop at your door, share it with your friends who knows how many fingers you are going to save from the ring avulsion injuries.

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Ring avulsion injuries – save Your Finger before its to late

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