Shoulder pain pillow 2017 – review & buyer’s guide

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Shoulder pain doesn’t have to be a fact of life. There is way to relieve the nagging discomfort and we think that a shoulder pain pillow is one of the simplest, most affordable and most effective ways to treat shoulder pain. Today, we’re going to share some important facts about this issue that most of people suffer from it.

Shoulder pain pillow

We’ll talk about what causes it, how to alleviate it and why a shoulder pain pillow is well worth investing in.

Why does shoulder pain happen?

There are a range of reasons why shoulder pain happens. If you’re really suffering, you should speak to your family doctor. Common causes of this issue include doing manual labor, participating in sports or doing repetitive movements. As well, underlying diseases may play a role. Examples of diseases which contribute to shoulder pain include gallbladder disease, diseases of the neck’s cervical spine, heart disease and liver disease. And you may feel like the pain that comes with a Charley horse

Age is also a factor. Those who are sixty years of age or older are more prone to this type of discomfort. It’s due to degeneration of the soft tissue which surrounds the shoulder.

shoulder pain pillow - Why does shoulder pain happen

Common treatments for shoulder pain include medication, surgery and physical therapy. Sleeping with the right sort of pillow is also a great way to stop the annoying pain, whether it’s chronic or sporadic in nature.

Usually, the pain is triggered by rotator cuff tendinitis, which inflames tendons. Sometimes, it’s caused by something called “impingement syndrome”, whereby the rotator cuff becomes caught between the ball part of the humerus and the part of the scapula which covers the “ball”.

In some cases, shoulder pain happens because another portion of the body is injured, such as the bicep or the neck. This type of pain is known as “referred pain”.

Arthritis, a rotator cuff which is torn or cartilage which is torn may also trigger shoulder discomfort. As well, when the bursa sacs or tendons of the shoulder swell up, pain may result. Bone spurs may also trigger pain, as may pinched neck or shoulder nerves.

Now, let’s talk about why a shoulder pain pillow is a drug-free, surgery-free treatment option which helps lots of people to feel better, fast!

Access shoulder pain relief with a shoulder pain pillow

Why use a shoulder pain pillow?

The position that we sleep in may ease or exacerbate shoulder pain! If pressure isn’t even, it may trigger discomfort and inflammation in tendons and muscles. For this reason, pressure on the affected shoulder should be limited as we doze. A shoulder pain pillow will help to keep your body in the optimal position for pain relief and inflammation reduction.

Why use a shoulder pain pillow

Since we sleep for hours each and every night, choosing the right shoulder pain pillow really matters! Luckily, there are some great pillows out there which have been manufactured in order to provide pain relief to those who suffer from it all over the world.

How to find the right shoulder pain pillow

A great shoulder pain pillow should be very comfortable to sleep on and it should decrease pressure on the shoulder during naps and nighttime sleep. We recommend finding a pillow shoulder pain  which was created under the guidance of a licensed orthopedic surgeon. At the least, the pillow should be designed by shoulder pain experts who have the right credentials.

Search for a pillow shoulder pain which features high-quality construction. Memory foam styles are usually good choices. Typically, the memory foam will adhere to a core made from polyurethane. This combination of materials will offer ideal resiliency and support.

Also, look at the pillow’s contours before you buy. The best pillows of this type will be specially shaped in order to support the cervical and lumbar curves of the spine.

Usually, you’ll be able to sleep on your side or your back when you use this sort of pillow. Some styles may be better for side sleepers. Think about your own sleep habits before you buy. Sleeping on your “good shoulder” side is probably the best strategy for pain relief as doing so will relieve pressure on the affected shoulder.

A superb shoulder pain relief pillow will decrease shoulder discomfort and will also offer a range of secondary health benefits. For example, it may reduce sleep apnea symptoms, decrease snoring, alleviate heartburn, help with sinus congestion and assist with relieving congestion which is pulmonary.

Once you’ve ordered your new pillow, anticipate needing a little time in order to adapt to it. Most people get used to using these pillows within two or three nights. Be sure to choose a style which comes with a money-back guarantee. Then, you’ll be able to return it if it’s not working well for you. However, you should give yourself a few nights with the pillow before you make a final decision about whether or not you should keep it.

tips of how to pick the correct density:

Here are some quick tips of how to pick the correct density ; medium, firm, soft or the extra firm pillow :

Slide sleeper : Especially men, the y need to go with a firm or an extra firm pillow. Why making such decision, simply because they need to fill all the gaps in the area between the side of the head and the crown of the shoulder.

Back sleeper : A medium or a firm pillow will be typically a good choice. So, if during your sleep you choose to use your pillow under the top of your shoulders and directly under your neck a firmer pillow will do great for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to sleep putting the pillow towards the top of your head you will be in need for a much softer pillow.

Stomack sleeper : a soft or a medium pillow will do just fine for you. Simply because this type of sleepers prefer to sleep on top of their pillows, with a small portion of chest compressing the pillow. If you belong to this type, then you should go ahead with a medium pillow. On the other side, if you put only your head on the pillow, then you should pick a soft density pillow.

More tips for shoulder pain sufferers

Sleeping on a premium shoulder pain pillow is important and you should use one every night and for every lazy afternoon nap. As well, think about performing exercises which are ideal for shoulder pain sufferers. Examples include seated twists, chest expansions and neck releases. If you need instructions, you’ll find them online. It’s also smart to watch experts perform these exercises. It’s probably the easiest way to master correct form. So, check out videos of fitness pros doing these shoulder-healing exercises.

Also, don’t hesitate to see your doctor as soon as shoulder pain strikes. A licensed and experience physician is the best person to talk to about this sort of discomfort. So much help is out there. While some people are able to resolve their shoulder pain symptoms easily, just by using a shoulder pain pillow, others may need treatments which do include medication and/or surgery. Physical therapy may also be needed.

More tips for shoulder pain sufferers

Now that you know more about shoulder pain and why it happens, as well as the value of purchasing an exceptional shoulder pain pillow online, you’ll be ready to move forward and take better care of yourself. When you shop online for a highly-rated pillow shoulder pain from an impressive and trusted manufacturer, you’ll be ready to embrace self-care which helps you to feel your very best!

So finally, here are the top 5 best shoulder pain pillows that you can buy online on amazon based on the reviews and satisfaction of the buyers:

1- LINENSPA reading pillow:

LINENSPA Reading Pillow-framedLINENSPA reading pillow is the first to come in our list of the top shoulder pain pillow. It is designed for adults and teens since it is a little bit large. As major features, it is really suitable and makes a great support for relaxing, reading, the long hours working on your laptop and watching tv.

You can consider it as a great shoulder and superior back shoulder. Also it can be such a good solution for recovery from certain injuries that are taking place in shoulder or back. Some may ask how this pillow differes from the rest. Well, if you take a close look at some of the pillows out there you will notice that they are filled with polyester fiber, but the linenspa reading pillow is filled with shredded foam to keeps its loft longer. And finally, it is really easy to move it from room to room.

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2- The original firm feather pillow:

Original Firm Feather Pillow-framedWhat if i told you that this is the pillow that started it all ? Oh yes ! with over a 100 years of making pillows. What symbolize this one is that it is wrapped in the old fashion just after it is filled with a premium quality of feather,  100% hungarian goose feather, means no more poke by feathers while you sleep.

You should keep in mind that once you start using this pillow you will be sleeping on the pillow and not in the pillow, and that goes back to its type, which is goose feather and not that down type pillow. One last thing to take in consideration is the feather quality which is related to the feather size. The smaller the feathers are the high quality will provide.

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3- Perform Pillow:

Medium Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow-framedThe next shoulder pain pillow in our best of is the medium profile memory foam neck pillow. If you want to benefit and enjoy restful, feeling refreshed and healing sleep, then you may need to pick this choice. Now you can wake up with no more back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain. The memory foam pillow has been tested and designed by a chiropractor with over twenty years of amazing experience.

Some of its great features include the retain of that special shape for years to come. Also, it is very comfortable that will offer you the great exact support where you need it. Besides, it can keep your spine and neck aligned to bring a well comfortable night sleep. No matter what type of sleeper you are, a back sleeper or a side sleeper, this performs a good choice for you.

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4- NapYou:

NapYou OFFICIAL-framedIf you are a big fan of cotton that is grown without any herbicides, pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers, then NapYou pillows may interest you. NapYou density made with a very organic cotton, 60% polyester and about 40% organic cotton, and also designed for ultimate breathability. Without the need to mention its luxurious look.

NapYou can really support the back and neck pain and it is a real choice to use if you belong to the side sleepers. Yep, you can tell it brings a maximum comfort. Besides all what we mentioned, we should also talk about one great feature which is the removable washable cover. Last but not least, the NapYou is designed to conform and shape around every body weight.

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5- D-Jeesian:

D-JeesianThe last neck and shoulder  pain pillow in our list is the D-Jeesian that is dedicated to those who love travel a lot using planes, traines, cars or buses. You should know that it offers you a 360 degrees of chin and head support not like the rest of the pillows of travel. It comes with a flat back and raised sides. The automatic plastic type brings the ability to fill your shoulder space properly.

You can also use it as a pillow while wou are sleeping at night or working at your office for long hours. Another great feature is that the D-Jeesian is washable since it contains a removable cover so as you can eliminate germs so quick and easily. You should not pay any attention to its weight because you will feel nothing thanks to its lightweight.

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Shoulder pain pillow 2017 – review & buyer’s guide

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