6 Simple tricks to spot a liar #2 will impress you

6 Simple tricks to spot a liar #2 will impress you - thumbnail

Do not expect from people to be honest all the time. Sometimes people think that there is a must to lie so as to protect someone or to hide something or even just for fun. But for some, lying becomes a daily routine and something they cannot get rid of they are so addicted to it just like those who are addicted to crocodile drug. Yes, I know you are tired of seeking after truth and if the person in front of you is a liar or an honest person.

For that reason let me show you some basic tactics that you can follow so as to spot a liar so quickly. Are you ready to be the next detective Sherlock Holmes? So, let us get into it.

6- Not mentioning himself:

spot a liar - Not mentioning himself

Yes, it is very common among liars that they are always trying to keep themselves away from being part of what they are telling you. For example, if you left your banana on the table and you forgot about it and after few minutes you remember it and you came back to take it but you didn’t find it instead you found your little brother. And you say, I don’t see my banana did you ate it? He immediately responds without the need to think about it, no it wasn’t me, maybe our sister did. Or maybe he will respond in a funny way such as, oh that was the monkey who did it, I did see him running out the window.

You see, a liar is always trying to get himself away and make others responsible even they may blame something that doesn’t talk or speak.

5- Negative speech attitude:

spot a liar - Negative speech attitude

Here is another common thing among liars. Liars are always trying to blame things and others and make them responsible for the situation they are stuck in. Let´s say that Adam had a massive party last night and he could not make it to his important meeting since he couldn’t wake up on time. What do you think his excuse will be? Now he picks up his phone type his boss number and the lie comes out on the form of “hey boss, I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it to the meeting I’m stuck in the middle of the traffic it seems like there is an accident in here.  Not my fault”

Wait, there is something behind why they keep swearing and blame others to excuse themselves. According to psychology those who swear a lot, show negative attitude and keep blaming other people they are subconsciously feeling guilty for their lives.

4- Liars keep it simple:

spot a liar - Liars keep it simple

A liar speech is always as simple as possible. Their brains keep rejecting the idea of inventing a new complicated lie, so they are more into explaining things using only simple terms. Unless they are so professional in lying and their minds are used to it. Also, they keep it so simple so as to remember their lie. What if a liar failed in an exam test, what would be his excuse? He will keep it so simple well I really do not know why I always failed instead of saying that I didn’t revise good enough last time so I deserve to fail. Try to pay attention to their sentences while they are responding to you.

3- Usage of confusing words:

spot a liar - Usage of confusing words

The usage of words that will confuse you is another strategy that makes the simple explanation more difficult not to believe. Yes, you will find that liars are always trying to use intricate sentences so as to not let any time for you to understand what will come next. Your mind tries hard to understand the first complicated sentence and while you are trying to understand it the liar is already formed another confusing sentence. So, your mind will get tired trying to handle all this so it jumps to a conclusion and makes you start believing. So, pay attention to the unnecessary words that he or she is trying to inject into his speech.

2- Tell him to repeat the story:

spot a liar - Tell him to repeat the story

It is true said that if you want to catch a liar then let him tell you about what you want to know and make him forget about what he said for a while by picking up another subject, and then try to go back and ask him the same question and see if he is going to respond the same way he did in the first time. Absolutely he won’t, the liar is going to try to remember what he have told you already, but he won’t recognize every detail he said. And you are more likely to hear another different story than the one he told you at the first time.

1-  Lot of details in one simple story:

spot a liar - Lot of details in one simple story

What if I told you to tell me when you spent last summer vacation? Well, if you are telling the truth you are going to say something like, well the last vacation I went to Bali in Indonesia we visited so many islands and done so many activities, it’s like a paradise on earth you got to give it a try soon. You see, he will tell you only the necessary.

Now let us see the version of a liar. Oh! You won’t believe even if I tell you. But listen, the last vacation was my best ever. I remember that day I woke up had a quick breakfast then I went to the airport, would you believe that we didn’t even know where we are going. Oh yes, when we arrived we met a couple that suggest to us to start by Paris. So we went to Paris, we spent to nights there, then we met an old friend of mine we had a dinner together and while we were talking he suggest that we visit Thailand…

I guess that you did notice that the liar is trying to inject so many details into his stories, why he is doing so because he is trying so hard to convince you that he is telling you the truth and that he knows what he is saying. He believes that more details equal more truth. But what he doesn’t know is that we as human being we do not memorize all our automatic habitual actions.

So are you ready to practice? Then try to apply all what we mentioned already and try to detect some liars. Feel free t share with us your strategy to catch liars in the comment section below.

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6 Simple tricks to spot a liar #2 will impress you

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